Juodikis commits to New Hamshire

Earlier this week Kira Juodikis signed with the University of New Hamshire leaving one Wildcats family to join another. She is part of a Southwest Wildcats team that has eight commits and four signed.

We reached out to the graduating Sandwich Secondary student and asked her these three questions.

PPS: Why did you choose the University of New Hampshire to be your home for the next four years?

KJ: 3 years ago I chose this school... I was young, nervous, and I barely knew what I was doing, but seeing UNH I just knew there and then that it was it. Finally making it official, I felt a sign of relief and excitement, knowing that the next 4 years are going to be great. Now I’m ready, a little bit nervous, but excited, to take on the next big step and the challenges I will face.

PPS: What was it about New Hampshire that attracted you?

JK: The moment I stepped on campus, I knew it was different from all the others, because it felt like home. With UNH being a hockey school, the bonds the team has, their academic programs, and where the school is situated, near the ocean, it’s just me. I know this school will bring out the best of me and help me grow to the player and person I want to become.

PPS: What do you hope to accomplish during your time with the Wildcats?

JK: My ultimate goal has always been to play for Team Canada in the olympics. But I have many other goals that I want to attain to help me reach that. I want to be a leader on and off the ice, and I want to work hard to aim for being one of the top players in the NCAA. My goal is to make a positive name for myself and a top university goal for me, is to help my team win a national championship. Doing all of this, I want to have fun with always a smile on my face, and to continue to have a family bond with my team. I’m more of a “in the moment” kind of girl, so every goal is one step closer to the next.

Powerplay Sports wishes Kira all the best in reaching for her goals. A lot of work and dedication is paying off. Continued success!!

Photos courtesy of a proud mom Tina.

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